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Ladies and Gentlemen,

As new Head of the Department of Epileptology at the University Hospital of Bonn, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our webpage.  Our patients will be able to easily find all the relevant information (such as important telephone numbers).



In addition, epilepsy will be described in all of its facets and the treatment possibilities, which are meanwhile very good in many cases, will also be explained.  Patients can also download - free of charge - brochures which address the many aspects of epilepsy. The research teams in our department also introduce themselves.  Because so many of our patients have agreed to participate in research programs, we are often able to conduct unique studies which explore the human brain.  In fact, much of today's knowledge on the functions of the human brain can be attributed to the number of patients who were willing to participate in such studies.


If you have any suggestions as to how our website can improved, please let us know.

Professor Dr. Rainer Surges, MHBA

>>> Broschure of the Department of Epileptology (PDF)

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