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Neurophysik / Vorlesungen

Vorlesungen / Lectures

Physics Winter Term

physics772: Physics in Medicine - Physical Fundamentals of Analyzing Biomedical Signals 

  1. General Introduction (pdf)
  2. A Brief Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos (pdf)
  3. Linear Methods (pdf)
  4. State Space Reconstruction (pdf)
  5. Dimensions and Fractals (pdf)
  6. Lyapunov Exponents (pdf)
  7. Entropies (pdf)
  8. Testing for Determinism (pdf)
  9. Testing for Nonlinearity (pdf)
  10. Nonlinear Noise Reduction (pdf)
  11. Interacting Systems: Introduction and linear (statistical) methods (pdf)
  12. Interacting Systems: Information-theory-based techniques (pdf)
  13. Interacting Systems: Phase-synchronization-based techniques (pdf)
  14. Interacting Systems: State-space-based techniques (pdf)
  15. Interacting Systems: Bivariate Surrogates (pdf)

Physics Summer Term

physics773: Physics in Medicine - Physical Fundamentals of Medical Imaging Summer Term

  1. Introduction (pdf)
  2. Imaging with x-rays (pdf)
  3. Projection-Radiography (pdf)
  4. System Theory of Imaging Systems (pdf)
  5. Computed Tomography (pdf)
  6. Imaging in Nuclear Medicine (pdf)
  7. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (pdf)
  8. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging fMRI (pdf)

Neuroscience Summer Term

module WPM6 "Cognitive Neuoscience"

  1. EEG basics (pdf)

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