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AG Cortical Oscillations: Förderungen

2004-2009:     Cooperation-project between the Dept. of Epileptology, Bonn and the F.C. Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, Nijmegen (Elger, Fell, Fernández, Fries, Jensen) "When neurons form memories: the role of oscillatory dynamics and synchronization", funded by the Volkswagen Foundation


2007-2009:     Project „Simultaneous event-related EEG and fMRT: investigation of the relation between electrical brain activity and BOLD responses" funded by BONFOR (Fell)


2008-2012:      DFG-grant for the project: "Neural synchronization in mesio-temporal lobe epilepsy: relation to memory function and pathology" (Fell, Axmacher) within the SFB/TR3 ("Mesial temporal lobe epilepsies")


2008-2012:     Project „The role of mediotemporal activity and connectivity in implicit memory formation" (Fell, Elger) funded by the "Marga und Walter Boll-Foundation".


2008-2013:      DFG-grant for the project „The role of mediotemporal structures in the interaction of working memory and long-term memory" (Fell, Elger) within the research network ("Electrophysiological correlates of memory")


2009-2013:     DFG-grant for the project "Reprocessing of stimulus-specific neural activity during sleep: reconstruction by simultaneous EEG/fMRT and intracranial EEG" (Axmacher, Fell)


2012-2017:     DFG-grant for the project "The impact of auditory induced synchronization on memory processing" (Fell)


2013-2017:     DFG-grant for the project "The functional role of phase synchronization for the induction of synaptic plasticity" (Axmacher, Fell) within the collaborative research centre SFB 1089("Synaptic Micronetworks")


Since March 2017:     DFG-grant for the project "Mediotemporal cross-frequency coupling during sleep and its relevance for memory consolidation"


Since July 2017:     DFG-grant for the project "Interrelation between intracranial EEG activity, local field potentials and action potentials during memory encoding and retrieval in the human mediotemporal lobe" within the collaborative research center SFB1089

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