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The manuscript

Andrzejak RG, Lehnertz K, Rieke C, Mormann F, David P, Elger CE (2001) Indications of nonlinear deterministic and finite dimensional structures in time series of brain electrical activity: Dependence on recording region and brain state, Phys. Rev. E, 64, 061907 abstract full text article

Please make sure that you cite the paper and that you cite it correctly when you publish results on these EEG recordings! The correct citation is

Phys. Rev. E, 64, 061907   

Manuscripts of other groups which have analyzed the data

The data

The data analyzed in our study is available on this page. The sampling rate of the data was 173.61 Hz. For a more detailed description of the data please refer to the manuscript  Please note, however, that the time series have the spectral bandwith of the aquisition system, which is 0.5 Hz to 85 Hz. The application of a low-pass filter of 40 Hz, as described in the manuscript,  is regarded as the first step of analysis and therefore not carried out for the downloadable time series. Everyone is invited to send their comments by email. Furthermore, we encourage anyone to contribute further sets of EEG time series or single EEG times series to this compilation.


For each set (A-E) there is a ZIP-file containing 100 TXT-files. Each TXT-file consists of 4096 samples of one EEG time series in ASCII code.

SET A     with     Z000.txt - Z100.txt   (564 kB)
SET B     with     O000.txt - O100.txt  (611 kB)
SET C     with     N000.txt - N100.txt  (560 kB)
SET D     with     F000.txt - F100.txt   (569 kB)
SET E     with     S000.txt - S100.txt   (747 kB)


This EPS-file (602kB) shows one exemplary EEG time series for every set. These are the time series Z093, O015, N062, F021, S056.

Links to other data sources

On the page of Rodrigo Quian Quiroga several time series of neuronal dynamics from humans and from animal models can be found along with corresponding manuscripts.

A very comprehensive collection of continuous EEG recordings can be found at the page of the Freiburg Center for Data Analysis and Modeling.

To be continued.

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